"Pequeños Artistas de la Sierra Gorda" Program

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We started the children's art project "Pequeños Artistas de la Sierra Gorda", in which, with the guidance of the artist Teresa Vallejo, our elementary school, middle school and academic students completed two works in acrylic paint: one in cardboard and another in wooden racks.




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Elementary School

Currently 9 elementary school generations have graduated and we have 144 students enrolled in the current 

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school year distributed as follows: 

  • First Grade: 28 Students.
  • Second Grade: 25 Students.
  • Third Grade: 25 Students.
  • Fourth Grade: 26 Students.
  • Fifth Grade: 19 Students.
  • Sixth Grade: 21 Students.


Middle School

Middle School education in the Instituto de Excelencia Educativa started from 2007, to date have graduated 4 generations.

There are currently enrolled 71 students distributed as follows: Ninas Secundaria Reducida



  • First Grade: 17 Students.
  • Second Grade: 25 Students.
  • Third Grade: 29 Students.

Travel to the Sierra

During the course of the year 4 trips to the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro are made, which are the ideal opportunity to live with our students in the Instituto de Excelencia Educativa in Jalpan, being an unforgettable experience.

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We invite you to register in our "List of people interested for the trips to the Sierra Gorda" to receive information of the next dates.

Come and know this wonderful educational project that improves the lives of children with outstanding aptitude for learning.

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